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Author Topic: Government Has Not Decided Yet an Option from Three Available  (Read 13745 times)

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Government Has Not Decided Yet an Option from Three Available
« on: February 16, 2011, 04:42:31 PM »
December 1, 2010, Jakarta – The government through the Ministry of Defense has not yet determined which options will be taken to address bids of F16 fighter jets from the United States. There are three options being studied by the government.

First, grant 24 units of F16 aircraft. From the 24 units offered by America, the remaining flight hours on average is still above 10 thousand hours. “Some units there still have 12-13 thousand hours of flying,” said Director General of Defense Plan Ministry of Defense, the Air Vice Marshal TNI BS Silaen in a press conference on Wednesday (Dec 01, 2010).

“Assuming the use of one aircraft per year as much as 800-900 hours,” he added, “then 24 units of donated second-hand aircraft is expected to be used up to 10-15 years in the future.”

The second option, the government will buy the new F16 6 units. Due to new purchases, the sixth plane can be directly used to oversee the country’s defense.

Third, Silaen said the government would divert budget to purchase 6 units of the new F16 only to improve (upgrade) 24 units of the grant plus 10 aircraft F16 aircraft belonging to Indonesia in Madiun, East Java (will be total 34 units).

Viewed in terms of quality, 10 units of F16 aircraft owned by the TNI and 24 units of used American aircraft still had the same level (grade) in item 15. Once repaired, Silaen added, the level of quality of 34 aircraft will be grade 32. “The fund is still below the price of 6 units of the new F16,” he said.

From those three options available, the government is still considering, which is the best option to be selected by the Secretary of Defense. “Whether purchasing new or upgrading, we have not decided. We are still examining,” said Silaen.

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Re: Government Has Not Decided Yet an Option from Three Available
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 05:58:45 AM »
same level (grade) in item 15

What is meant they are F-16A/B Block 15 versions, that will be upgraded to F-16C/D Block 32 standard.
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