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A possible Latin America Arms race??

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How stable is South America? Like Politcally and stuff

Why would they begin an arms race unless someone was planning something?


--- Quote from: Gripen on November 18, 2007, 07:35:22 AM ---How stable is South America? Like Politcally and stuff

Why would they begin an arms race unless someone was planning something?

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South America (for the most part) is very stable, other than Peru and Ecuador going to war in the last decade, I don't think anyone is planning anything to be honest, but then again why else would a country (venezuela) start buying top of the line front line fighters and beef up their armed forces, I think Brazil has done this in order for them to prepare themselves in case something is to happen (it is understandable) you have to defend your homeland from foreing invaders, we've seen how radical Chavez's goverment is would he attack his neighbors? highly unlikely....

South America in general is stable compared to other regions of the world but like everywhere there are issues.   I'm mixed with Chavez on how much power he has and can command.  Depending how much he decides to support the FARC both privately and publicly might cause internal problems in Colombia.  I think Ecuador and Venezuela are closer now then in past which changes the make up of the region a little as well.  Ecuador offered the Chinese the current American bases that will be cleared by 2009; under new Ecuadorian government American leases aren't being renewed.  I think this is directly linked to Chavez but I may be wrong but an anti-American feeling is becoming stronger in South America.  If China is giving rights to bases in Ecuador one can assume Chinese military equipment isn't far behind.   That could be a start of a type of arms race but Ecuador's not in a position to buy 80 semi modern fighters and attack Peru without outside help.  Does Ecuador have outside help or plans on getting outside I have no way of knowing.   Maybe China will get some K-8 sales in South America and it could be used as a COIN aircraft.  Think of all those A-37 getting old and costly to run and find parts for? 
        Bolivia and Chile - I don't think is a strong crises but I seem to remember issues between the two countries over coastal land.  Bolivia's government wants land lost in a former war return or rights over it I'm pretty sure it died down and nothing came of it.   Bolivia military wises needs a lot of help and at least on paper would need massive amounts of equipment and training to become a threat in that region.  Not much of an arms race unless outside help and support comes to play.
        Peru - There economy is picking up some but don't think they have the funding to really begin an arms race Chile's economy is doing better.  I guess in time some new equipment will be bought because Peru's Mirage 5's in storage, handful of Mirage 200O-P's flying, and I think I read awhile back 7 or 8 Fulcrums flying.  The Mirage 2000s and Fulcrums are flyable but need parts, overhaul, basically funding to make them operational.  I think taking out Chile and Brazil that Peru and Argentina might be next for some aircraft upgrades or new purchases in 3 to 5 years.  I'm not counting Venezuela because they have the money to do what they want. 
       Brazil - In time 2 to 3 more years will buy Rafale's because going Russian just doesn't seem possible I think the Americans have a better shot at slipping an aircraft through before Russia does.  Brazil to me isn't very American friendly either it's just that Brazil doesn't buy Russian.   I think some late model Su-30 Flanker would be a good choice for them or Su-35, either gives them the range Brazil's huge.  I think Typhoon's are too costly and Brazil won't go down that route.   The same Block-60 Viper deal offered to India with newer AESA radar with production rights etc would serve Brazil just as well.  But my money is still on the French if only MICA has another 15 or mile range and cost a little less.
I like this thread please correct me if I had any facts wrong and would be interested in hearing over

Well Chavez and Morales, are both radical in their thinking and very anti U.S. Venezuela is helping out Bolivia quite a bit on the Financial side. Venezuela is trying to get their hands on Bolivian resources, I would assume that venezuela is trying to get Bolivia and push them to get the land they lost back in the 1800's during the War of the pacific (of course this maybe a long shot) for the most part all of the South American countries keep to themselves and do not like to deal with the U.S. (Colombia is a major US ally) Chile on the other hand is a more stable country far stable than their Pinochet days.

I thought Brazil was thinking of buying the Gripen? anyway...those are my two cents...

I heard about Brazil being interested in the Gripen's too I wonder if something will come of that.  I thought webmaster knew a guy from Brazil who posts here maybe he'll know more?

I can't find the post anymore in this other forum (may have been deleted) about Chavez funding 16 to 20 new army bases in Bolivia?   Had to be a year or two ago and now nothing so maybe Venezuela-Bolivian tie isn't there.   Something to Google in my spare time like " Bolivia new army bases" hey look at this and on the first try and on the top of the page

--- Quote ---quote
Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plan to build a number of military facilities along the country’s borders – with Venezuelan aid – has alarmed much of South America. Tensions have been particularly high in neighboring Chile and Paraguay, Bolivia’s historic adversaries, and back home Morales’ proposal has unnerved opposition leaders, which could prove problematic for its ratification. Many are questioning the necessity of these border bases and the functions they will serve.

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