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About the German, Pakistan, and Belgium airforces


i want to know more about there airforces, if someone could tell me about one of them or all that would be great.
tell some of the planes they have and tell about there airforce some way. thanks.

Okay, I will start.

- Air Defense: F-4F Phantom IIs upgraded to ICE standard with AIM-120 AMRAAM, being replaced by the Eurofighter right now.
- Interdiction/strike: Tornado IDS with mid-life update
- ECM: Tornado ECR with AGM-88 HARM missiles
- Recce: Tornado IDS with RECCE pod
- Transport: C-160 Transalls, some Airbuses, in future A400M
- Tanker: Airbus A310 (?) MRTT
- Helicopters: Tiger, Bo-105, CH-53, UH-1D, EC135, Sea King, Sea Lynx and soon to come NH-90
- Maritime: P-3C Orion, Br.1150 Atlantic

Numbers, 180 Eurofighters will enter service, 80 Tiger attack helicopters, I think the number of Tornados in somewhere around 180 (290 delivered), not sure though how many have been withdrawn in recent years.

- F-16AM/BM mid-life updated fighter-bombers form the backbone. Of the 160 bought, 90 were updated, but only 72 remain in service today.
- Training: Alpha Jet, SF260, and soon to be retired CM-170
- Transport: C-130H Hercules, I think 11 remain in service, will be replaced by 7 A400M.
- VIP: ERJ-135/145, A310, Falcon 20, Falcon 900
- Helicopters: A109, Alouette III, Sea King

I will leave the Pakistan Air Force for our PAF fan.

With what is belgium going to replace the F-16s in the future?

to be decided... depends on the government, but I think they will try to hang onto the F-16 for as long as possible and then maybe buy new F-35s off-the-shelf. But I dunno, could be that they will try to do without any fighters, I have this feeling... but I'm not Belgian and I don't know the exact plans. Gripen would be nice though, instead of waiting for the F-35.

Hello all,

To reply on the topic, what will replace the Belgium F-16's??

For now, no new replacements are sheduled for the Belgium F-16's.
They will be kept updated untill the flight hours of the F-16 frames are
almost to the limit. They will receive some major update programs in
the future, and hopefully we will see some nice Block 52 F-16's from
the Belgium airforce in the future ;)

As Niels allready stated, is the Belgium airforce now in the phase to
decide what the goals and future plans are for the Belgium airforce in
NATO and EU role. Not like for example the Dutch, are the Belgium F-16's
involved in any major operation outside Belgium. And the budgets to renew
the Belgium airforce are also ver limited. But the future will tell  :D

Regards, Ramon.


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