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Ah... Those would be second hand?

Singapore gave a few F-16s away... Well, it'd be really neat to have an air force with Su-27s, F-15s, F-22s. F-35s, Su-37s, Su-30MKs, etc. And maybe Rafales, Mirage F.1s, Typhoons. 1 squadron each...Hm. Daydreams...

sure, 2nd hand, with half their life used. but that's better specified in webmaster's post. ;)


--- Quote from: Globetrotter on October 10, 2007, 05:16:05 AM ---well, the rumors in Argentina have it that a pre-contrat has been signed with dassault aviation for a possible buy of Mirages 2000 that will eventually be out of service, as the Rafale gains terrain ;)

I wish this is true! If it has to be one engined, let it  be Mirage 2000.

I think i wrote long post on why not US F-16s. However, I think F-16s from Nederalnds are cheap... 10 millions per aircraft is reeeeealy cheap!

many people say that Mirages F-1 could be used while the Mirages 2000 arrive. So instead of using those, F-16 from Netherlands could be a great option. Even more if we consider Chileans have them ---> we would know their armament extensively. And they won't know much or not as much as we do about our Mirages 2000.

--- End quote ---
where did u hear that? is the info reliable? if it is yeah i mean the french may not need the mirage 2000s but iam sure they would be still very useful in SA, i heard the FAA had mirages-5 are they still operational?

Yes, we still have those Mirages, thou modernised and refurbished. They are called "Finger" and have Israeli tech.
 The info is reliable, but it was about a PRE-buy, just possibility


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