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i know man ,and what really sucks is that our countries actually obey the US ,i mean wtf we should be able to buy whatever we want ,american equip. is too expensive ,look at venezuela or bolivia they dont care  what the US says they buy equip from wherever they want,but iguess our gov cant do anything about it..... :'( :'( :'( ,cause they basically control us :'( :'(.of course argentina ,colombia,and peru together will be able to afford an f-22 ,maybe we can buy one and share it ....(u know ''amar es compartir'')...... :D :D ;)

Thomas from what you have taken, what Su-35 very expensive? Its cost makes 50-55 million dollars (it in view of falling a dollar exchange rate). Cost, for example, export variant F-15E makes not less than 70 million. And a difference big. Not in insult to the American colleagues... But Su-35, equipped by two engines AL-31FM-1 it is capable to carry out such maneuvers what even the American fighters of 5 generations cannot make and in a mine. Besides, without insults, but it is the truth.

The another matter, that a government of Argentina hardly will go on purchase Su-35's.

Thomas means the Su-35 more expensive than the MiG-29 I think. Compared to the F-16, which can cost more than a Su-35  in new condition, it still is more expensive to maintain and operate, so are those MiG-29s. Compared to the F-15, I don't know. But I am not even sure if the US would sell the F-15 to any Latin American countries, purely to 'not upset the regional stability'... when Chavez has some more Su-30MK2s and Su-35, maybe that will change.

Any Flanker is a good candidate for most of these countries thanks to its excellent range.

I consider the Rafale or Mirage 2000 a more likely candidate than any Russian aircraft for the FAA. But it will probably be F-16s eventually. Argentina should tell the US to stick those A-4s **** and request some F-16s again, since all other countries have F-16, equivalent or better than it. Want some Dutch ones as interim? Need a squadron now? You'll get more with the next defense cuts, and the rest when the JSF enters service. They don't last long, but are very cheap and MLU-4 standard. ;)

I would say maybe the Mirage 2000. I'm not sure what you guys can afford but maybe a Mirage 2000.

I have understood, that you have in view of. In my opinion, such assumptions make a start from the fact of purchase of Chile at Holland 7 F-16AM and 5 F-16BM. By the way, what age of these fighters (year of manufacture)? And how many Chile have paid Holland for their delivery?

But in a view of geopolitic rapproachement of Argentina with Russia, I, everything, shall risk to assume, that Argentina will get a small party of light fighters (for example. МiG-29SMT or MiG-29M) and 3-4 squadrons of heavy fighters (all the same Su-30МК2, and can and Su-30MK3). I think, all it will be diluted by several tens French Mirage-2000-9 (Mirage-2000-5).

Certainly, it especially my subjective opinion.


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