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Are there any Argentines here to talk about the FAA.?? If not, do you know something about it?? What airplane do you think it should buy to replace old Mirages 3???

Hope to hear from you,

I'd say select the Mirage III/V and Israeli variants that still have some life left, upgrade them in similar fashion as the Kfir C.10. Then buy refurbished ex-Israeli Kfirs upgraded to C.10. Postpone the decision or at least contract for new fighters, until more funding is available (Argentina had an economic crisis some years ago, am I right? Even had trouble keeping the A-4s in the air). Then look at the options, more F-16, Mirage 2000s and maybe F-15 will have entered the market,  definately ex-US/ex-European F-16s but based on the deal for the Kfir, even ex-Israeli F-16/F-15s may be available with advanced Israeli weapons and avionics. Argentina may then opt for a combination of new modern F-16s and upgraded ones (especially two-seaters) or a combination of refurbished/upgraded Mirage 2000s complimented by modern Mirage 2000-9s or Rafales. In other words it comes down to politics, French, American or Israeli option?

However if you'd want to buy new fighters now, with an in-service date between 2008 and 2010, go for the Gripen or F-16 Block 50/52/60.

I don't like the idea of having to upgrade old fighters again, in the end they're obsolete: the design is from '60s; neither buying F-16 which are exrtemely expensive comparing to the Su-27, but it's true here politics have more influence than real tecnic vantages or else, don't you think? Chile has bought the F-16 and it would be good to have some "surprise", something dfifferent to take vantage of the differences. Now, the F-15 is really appealing :D, but I see it out of any possibilities due to the price and maintaining.
On the other hand, it's true that Argentina has recently passed through a crisis and we don't have much money to spend on aircraft, I would rather spend on education, that is what we really need for now.

Well, this is just my opinion about the topic, ;)
Hope to hear from you all,

i think argentina should buy russian equipment ,cause is cheap and its good (depending i f u can upgrade it and all that...)and is really good cause russian equipment can b fix or replaced in the field  unlike  more sophisticated equip. like american or european .f-15 are good ,but they are too expensive to mantain ,european equip. is like the american is too expensive ,mirages are old even upgraded 1s (damn even france dont want them),and asia is closed to latin america (thanks to the US ),  Israeli equip is good 2 it will b a good idea 2,if u do get russian equip. i think su-27's or even migs 29 will do it,cause argentina needs aircraft to fight in south america ,not the chinese or the north korean......sadly that our American problem :-[

Thaks for your opinion on the topic, terminator.
I agree with you when you say we should aquire some Russian aircrafts. I would love that Argentina AF bought some MiG-29 (OVT if possible ;D), they are cheaper than F-16, and, for, me, better. Well, the Su-35 wouldn't be bad, but it is surely more expensive.

Now, the real problem is that US won't like it if we buy from Russia (means nothing for me) and the government won't want that. You know, politics usually spoil it all.

Why I don't like the F-16. Appart from being more expensive than the MiG-29, the FAA once requested an order for some F-16 to USA. The answer was no. Tell me, would you stand like an idiot asking for the same, and watching how they tell you no again, losing your time?? (youknow where I would tell them to put their damn F-16) Maybe for pride... But this is just another point for the MiG-29.
I am really looking forward to the day when my country's AF will buy some Russian equipment..... ::)


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