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best air force in south america

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I am peruvian ,colombian ,and chinese ,that sucks men (about the argetinian air force) I have a lot of respect for u guys ,cause u actually stood up to England  :'(


--- Quote from: terminator on December 18, 2006, 02:37:00 PM ---GUYS plz i appreciate if u vote ,i know about empanadas cause iam south american,plz vote it takes less than a sec. ;D

--- End quote ---

Hi, welcome to the MILAVIA Forums! Yeah voting less than a sec, making up one's mind could take a bit longer. And like you said esp. combined with research.

It's difficult

Brazil has a large force, but only upgraded F-5s and a handful of Mirage 2000Cs are the best fighters. Shouldn't forget the AMX though. There's the Navy as well though with the A-4s,
Chile has the latest F-16s, and quite a number of second hand MLU's... however they are not fully operational yet. So Mirages (or similar) and F-5s.
Then Peru looks good with their MiG-29s and Mirage 2000s, however they don't have that many of them, right? But they have Su-22/25s as well...
Venezuela has Mirage 50s, F-16s, F-5s, all bit old and those F-5s are seriously in need of upgrade/overhaul. Those Su-30s are great, but how many are delivered just this month? only a few...
Colombia & Argentina will not be my vote...sorry.

When looking beyond the fighters, I'd say either Chile or Brazil, especially since they have AEW platforms.

are the f-16's chile just got the old 1's or blocks?i also heard a rumor venezuela will arm bolivia with sukhois (i think su -27's...i think)do u guy think that would affect the balance in south america?

Brazil, mainly because they have US support. Allies look after each other, and we all know america has some, ah, unfriendly friends in South America

 brazillian airforce! ;)


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