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best air force in south america

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Peru has migs,argentina mirages ,venezuela and chile f16's i strongly suggest u research before u vote ,dont just vote on Agentina because of their empanadas!!!!

Hehehehe ;D I love empanadas, how do you know them??

back to the topic, not even the empanadas could save FAA :'(

And maybe Venezuela with those brand new Sukhois, or Brazil with the big AF.... It's difficult to say, but very interesting topic.

One thing that I can remark from the FAA are the pilots. In spite of not having the best of the trainments, their skills and bravery are widely known, thanks to the Malvinas War.

Now this is a though question. I just know to little about this subject. I know which one i would choose as a favourite, but the best one is to hard for me to vote on at the moment.   :-\

Btw, welcome to the forum Terminator!  :)

GUYS plz i appreciate if u vote ,i know about empanadas cause iam south american,plz vote it takes less than a sec. ;D

I just don't vote because I'm not sure, but I'm thinking about it, and when I'll be sure, I'll vote. Where are you from?


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