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Better airforce of other countries besides the U.S.

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You're confusing China and Japan I think. F-2 is a Japanese copy of the F-16, but 'copy' in the legal sense, fully supported by Lockheed Martin.

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 :-[ Thanks, I thought that it would post what he was quoting and mess up my post...and I did get conused with Japan sorry.

australias is good

F-18s, C-130H, SA-70 Blackhawks, F-111

and we are getting the JSF, Wedgetail AWACS and the Eurocopter Tiger or whatever its called

Our training is great, but we are more self defense then offense, but we have an advantage because we are so far away from everyone else so the range of attackers is hampered, and if we got attacked, the US would respond with one of their carriers

or we can kick them out of their airbase they have near Alice Springs!! ;)

i think the best airforce is Israel in the middle east ,china in Asia ,and Peru in Latin america

Yeah, Israel is definitly one of them....Ausies next :)


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