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--- Quote from: Gripen on January 14, 2007, 07:19:13 AM ---Ive always been curious to the abreviation of airforces around the world. So if you know the name of an airforce and its acronym, could you please post it..

--- End quote ---

Will be a huge list, also some of them are unofficial, as the West likes to give them English names instead of using the abbreviation in the country's language. Also sometimes it is changed, or they use a different one for radio callsigns, also causing confusion among people (for example, Dutch Air Force (from the Netherlands) officially is RNLAF - Royal Netherlands Air Force, but often used by the military is NAF (Netherlands Air Force), now many people also incorrectly use RNAF, while in Dutch it is KLu - Koninklijke Luchtmacht - translates to Royal Air Force...but RAF is only used for Great Britain's air force.

So, could become quite a confusing topic this.

There are quite some here by the way:

That page will be extended, as soon as I have converted it into a searchable database, you'll probably like that :-p I'll include a 'view air force acronyms only' list for you.  ;)

How bout its official name in any language and the English Acronym


--- Quote from: Webmaster on January 21, 2007, 04:06:51 AM ---Officially it is now BAC - Belgium Air Component (or Belgian Air Component, even I am not totally sure any more)

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ow :-\ i didn't know :-\ i thought it was BAF  :P

i searched it on the internet!
on you read "BAC" on some other sites you read BAF
so BAC is the most correct one i thing ;)

Your right, i cant belive i missed one letter..... :-\ :-\ :( :(
SwAF is the correct desigantion, im sorry i screwed it up.


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