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--- Quote from: alyster on August 13, 2007, 11:01:24 PM ---Welcome to the forum  :)

And I didn't speak of Darfur crise but the Myanmar's military attacks against ethinc Karens and everyone who supports democracy. A classical hard ass military rule.

US along with many others have an embargoe on Myanmar.

--- End quote ---

Thanks that have answered my message.

You are right in occasion of that military dictatorship of Myanmar applied the Armed forces against the peace population. I even have a leaflet from the European Union on which it is written, that the sanctions similar entered concerning  of the president of Belarus (Alexander Lukashenko) - are entered against the dictator of Birma (on a leaflet is for some reason written Birma). Business not in democracy. The matter is that these people (the dictator of Birma and Lukashenko) do everything to keep authority in the hands. That's all. All is very simple.

Well all right, to hell to the politician. Here not it discuss. By the way, you speak Russian?

I understand little Russian, however I wouldn't say I speak it. Too new generation for that, more of the english generation.

I want to learn Russian ;D but that's another topic... :-X

So... I am very confused with this Mynmar whatever air force that blows ???/doesn't blow ??? up people homes/bare people ??? Just don't buy aircraft people, invest in education and hospitals ;)

Burma's military "fights the rebels" in a way that all that''s left from village after village are corps of women and children. Lukashenko doesn't come anywhere close to that military junta.

I've seen videos of international reporters moving with the "rebels" and later showing what the governemnt forces had done while tracking them. Really bad atrocities.

Russian however is hard, but usefull. But it's hard  ::)

I had in view of the sanction, instead of similarity of modes of Lukashenko and a mode of the Burmese dictator.

As to Russian... For me in hundreds times it is heavier Estonian. ;-)


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