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They've listed the MiG-29s as fighter-bombers. So I guess that's what they'll be. In normal times they use them to bomb their own people and if needed use them as fighters to keep their air space clean.

oOh thats nasty

Well, if they use it for that, I reccomend their whole airforce blows up!! >:(

I apologize for intervention, but it is full bosh. Myanma - not Sudan. The government of Myanma does not use the MiG-29's for destruction of the peace population of the country. Besides, Russia has put Myanma not MiG-29SMT, and MiG-29SE.

It is interesting, why all western hemisphere of our planet had an opinion, what Russia sells the weapon only for murder of the peace population? It not seems to you, what it is simply silly?

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And I didn't speak of Darfur crise but the Myanmar's military attacks against ethinc Karens and everyone who supports democracy. A classical hard ass military rule.

US along with many others have an embargoe on Myanmar.


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