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I'm on a Pacific Rim kick and was looking over some of the equipment used by the Myanmar air force.   They became Mig-29 users in 2001 to 2005 which surprises me a little since I always think of them using Chinese equipment, I was wrong.  They have a mixed blend of helicopters and transports from a few sources.  In fact they the  Myanmar air force didn't care much for the A-5M which has suffered badly, with no less than 14 being written off in accidents since the type's introduction into service. Since 1995, six are reported to have been lost in combat.    What combat does anybody know?  The latest known fatal accident to befall an A-5M occurred on 15 October 2002 near Meiktila. As is the case with the Chengdu F-7Ms, problems with low serviceability due to poor build workmanship and lack of spares abound.   I see the need for the Mig-29s now but they are the early A models.   I wonder if down the road since India won maintenance contracts that more  Mig-29/35 might appear?  I see  Myanmar air force dropping the A-5Ms an old design anyway and needing newer aircraft.    Maybe somewhere down the line better trainers and an all purpose fighter?  Does anybody know if the Myanmar air force ever look at the FC-1/JF-17 or maybe a future J-10 customer?  My other question is I see in the Pacific Rim countries a lack of French equipment is this because of political reasons or a dislike of the French aircraft/gear?     Thanks in advance for any help

France used to have colonies in that region. If I'd be from there, I wouldn't want french equipment either.

And these sales disapoint me again. Russia selling them equipment to kill more civilians. Why not give them nukes and get it over with ?  :-[

Where exactly IS Myanmar?


--- Quote from: Gripen on July 28, 2007, 08:40:31 AM ---Where exactly IS Myanmar?

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It's in our region. Also known as Burma, next to Thailand.

so, what do they want the aircraft to do? (Gr. attack, pure dogfighter, COIN...)


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