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The PAF is racing againts time to bolster it territorial defense capability , also the 1st 4 units of 8 brand new W-3 Sokols from Poland will arrive this month based on this Aviation Week article dated 02/06/12 ...

   The PAF recently took delivery of 4 brand new W-3A sokol helicopters from Poland as part of the 2010 contract worth $ 64 Million for the acquisition of 8 CUH , the remaining 4 units will be deliver in the 2nd half of 2012 ... Photos below as the 1st 4 units were loaded aboard an Antonov aircraft on Feb. 12 and also being inspected upon arrival at Clark Field  ...

The PAF expects to sign contracts for the acquisition of 12 LIFT aircrafts, 8 light transport/MPA and 3 attack helicopters by July this year and the most likely candidate will be Korea's T-50 or Italy's M-346 advanced trainer jets and the CN-235 from Spain for the MPA role ...

shawn a:
I wouldn't know which to choose between the T-50, and the M346. Both seem to be very good candidates, in my mind outstripping Hawks and other possibilities.
good final downselect!
So---You have said earlier you prefer the T-50, so do I.

10 light attack helicopters from France has been approved for the PAF , my guess is that it will be the Eurocopter EC-635 ...


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