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--- Quote from: shawn a on November 04, 2011, 04:14:54 AM ---Hi ManilaBoy45,
So, which do you prefer, the T-50, or the M-346? And why?
And why did I just see an ad for something called the Alenia Aermacchi T-100 in AW&ST? (Looks just like an M-346 to me) Did they rename it? And just how much did Alenia use (borrow-steal) of Yak's -130 design in the "Master"?
Shawn A

--- End quote ---

Hi there, to be honest with you I prefer the T-50 over the M-346...

I agree, T-50 with all or half of the fleet fully capable A-50 combat jets would be a good solution for the Philippines. I think the M-346 with its integrated electronic training datalinked simulation system is more aimed at customers needing a capable training platform for advanced jet pilot training with bigger fleets and more pilots to train for more advanced aircraft. While the Koreans now offer the T-50 as light fighter/attack already, for the M-346 this track hasn't been explored further than the drawing board afaik and there's no need to go there for the Italians themselves. (unless, we're talking AMX replacement? but then, the Italian defense will face serious spending cuts in the next few years). If I'm not mistaken, the A-50 already getting his radar, while for the M-346 more attention is given to simulate having radar.

If there's ever going to be another fighter for the PAF, I'd guess second-hand F-16s, then the transition from T-50 to F-16 should be seamless, which is another pro.


Philippines want to procure 12 F-16 fighter jets from the US

The Philippines would like to procure a squadron of F-16 fighter jets from the U.S. Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said Wednesday. He and the country's defense chief will meet their U.S. counterparts in Washington next year to discuss the requests.

 The US has recently announced that it is willing to help the PAF in acquiring a squadron of F-16 fighter jets, the deal could be finalized as early as April when President Aquino meets with his US counterpart President Obama during an official state visit...


  An additional C-130H aircraft will be procured in 2012 besides the 2 additional refurbished aircrafts that will be arriving in March ...


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