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   What used to be one of the strongest air defense organization in the Asia-Pacific region back in the 60's and 70's is now at it's lowest point in terms of it's capability to protect and defend the nation with it's obsolete and aging air assets...

Still, retiring the F-5s to free up funds to keep the transports, observation/attack planes and helicopters flying was a wise decision. Aging is a worry of course, but obsolete... that's relative.

What do you think is the reason to keep flying the S211, what's on the drawing board, fighter jets?

  The PAF has no choice but to keep using the S-211's for now until a replacement arrives which will most likely be the T-50's or the M-346 and will happen in the next few years as a final decision on a 6 LIFT aircrafts contract signing deal is imminent in weeks to come...

shawn a:
Hi ManilaBoy45,
So, which do you prefer, the T-50, or the M-346? And why?
And why did I just see an ad for something called the Alenia Aermacchi T-100 in AW&ST? (Looks just like an M-346 to me) Did they rename it? And just how much did Alenia use (borrow-steal) of Yak's -130 design in the "Master"?
Shawn A

It's not really borrow-steal, the design was a joint venture between Aermacchi and Yakovlev. AEM-130. I don't think the cash-strapped Yakovlev design bureau could have beaten MiG-AT, with French and TsAGI help (plus proven L-39 like design) without Aermacchi.

Furthermore Yakovlev can't export it outside CIS countries without Alenia's approval, as Aermacchi retained the world-wide rights.

I'm not really sure how the L-15 came about, definitely Yakovlev involvement, but not sure if it was with consent of the Italians.

But all that is going bit off-topic.


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