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I heard that Malaysia Goverment has already signed a contract of procuring 18 SU-30MKM from Russia. But what about the F/A-18F Super Hornet? Does Malaysia plan to get another batch of super pugs? Pls give me some info..thks!

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No contract has been signed yet, or Boeing didn't reported it yet, which seems unlikely,

I am not sure Malaysia is still interested, it said it was, but then signed the Sukhoi contract. It was thought Malaysia was interested in a mixed fleet. But I am not so sure, maybe they'll wait for the Sukhois to arrive, before making a decision on funding more fighters.

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Updated F/A-18F super hornet block 2 has been promoted to RMAF, and i wonder that does Malaysia gov afford to maintain it instead of buying the Superbug...who knows? >:D

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