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Thailand buys Gripen, or will they?

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Keep your eyes open today at 08:00 hours Swedish time. Thailand will reviel if they will buy 12 Gripens!
Hopes are high, but there is some controversy to the deal. They prefferd the US F-16C D´s, however US will not sell the jets to Thailand because of the recent couw/cuu or how the **** its spelled.

Swedish peace organisation want SAAB to withdraw from the deal if they want to buy the aircrafts. They think its a crime against Thailand and humanity to sell fighters to a country that is instable at the moment. (But spending your vacation there is ok.) They also think it could damage the Swedish securitypolicy. They want the Swedish goverment to stop the deal if SAAB dont.

coup d'état [ku de ta] It's french  :-\ I don't like it either, why can't they keep it simple  ???

The US weren't jumping to sell before that either, because Thailand wants/wanted to pay part of the deal with frozen chicken. Reportedly even Russia wasn't sure what to do with them...

Any update by the way?

Frozen chicken. HAHAHA.

It's spelt coup, by the way, Viggen.

Sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye on the papers and keep you all informed if something big happens.

Strange part is, no updates!! I really thought it would be on the frontpage of the newspapers. But not a sound or a written line since.  ???

If you guys find any info before me, please let me know. I want to know how this mess will end.  :)


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