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The Tanker Joke - round... 4, I think?

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shawn a:
Yes, that figure (365,000 lbs.) seemed too good to be true. I like the idea of a split buy. Screw the cost (after all, I'm paying) and get the best, most capable equipment for defense until true peace breaks out! Then we can turn 'em back into airliners or freighters.
Shawn A.

Oh don't get me wrong, I love the idea as well. It's just not gonna happen.  :(

shawn a:
There must be a nitrous oxide leak at my house, because I'm laughing uncontrollably, and it can't possibly be because of these two ads!

The magazines are really the ones that benefit from this the most with all those fullpage ads. I'm sure they're loving it.

Was browsing through 'auto-approved ads' which Google serves on my site and I noticed "AllAmericanTanker" ads (Boeing). LOL, so looks like I also profitted (if anyone clicked them).


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