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UAE seeks F-16 pilot training in the US



Same goes for the Netherlands and Singapore could someone confirm that?

I saw this a few days ago to and check it out sounds like a good idea.   Makes sense we have a lot of room Texas that's for sure it's a huge state bigger then some countries space wise.   Maybe if a few air forces pool together there resources maybe this can be cost effective for smaller countries as well.    Anybody who are into Vipers will enjoy getting a chance to check the Block-60s even if it's from miles away.   I would like to see this turn into an international things and maybe over time mix in different aircraft too.   This big its Texas.

UAE F-16 Block 60s are already in Arizona for F-16 conversion training. So yes, it makes sense.

Regarding the Netherlands, basic training on T-37 (being replaced by T-6 Texan IIs), followed by advanced jet training on the T-38A Talon (being replaced by T-38C) at Sheppard AFB and F-16 conversion (initial qualification training) at Tucson AFB, Arizona, have always been in the US. Formerly the pilots would then go back to the Netherlands for advanced training at Volkel AB, starting with theatre qualification training. Recently also this part moved to the USA, but at Tucson there was no place, so now the initial qualification training and advanced training and night flying moved to Springfield in Ohio. It's a small field, also home to some ANG units, which already has all the necessary facilities. The ANG will move out in 2010, so more partners are needed to keep it open. The Dutch are hoping for the Danish or Norwegians to do the same for their F-16 training, or new US units. But I guess the UAE or Singapore are also welcome, providing they bring some instructors!  :P For maintenace/support reasons it would be better to have MLU users... so I guess it's better if the UAE and Singapore team up and do the same with another BRAC-threatened base.

Even in Ohio, air space availability and weather is much better than at Volkel. Also there are only F-16s and they don't need to share with other aircraft, according to an article in the RNLAF's magazine. Then there's the thing called "noise export", especially when night flying is concerned the RNLAF is really limited back home.

In total, 14 RNLAF F-16s will be based at Springfield. The unit falls under US command, but the aircraft retain the Dutch markings/registration. Maintenance/logistics will be done by ANG personnel, which have been trained on the Dutch MLU's and use the Dutch 'books'. Instructors are Dutch and American.

Basically all training programs formerly done by 306 Sqn at Volkel will move to Springfield. The RNLAF gets 3000 hours per year at Springfield, of which 2200-2500 are needed for the training, the rest will be used for additional training of pilots to reduce training flights in the Netherlands. I suppose this will mostly be night flying.

Singapore and UAE already do their basic qualification training on the F-16 in the USA, so yeah, it makes a lot of sense.

The only thing is that the pilots still have to get some theatre training when returning home, especially in case of the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway due to the different weather and airspace limitation.

Thanks for the explaintion, it definatly shed some light on this topic.


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