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Ergh fine

I willingly pledge my services to this cause.


If you include the history I'm not sure Russian Air Force would stand a chance. I mean it would if you'd only count in Russian Air Force [Russian Empire and Russian Fed] not Soviet Air Force. I mean soviet air force should still be ashamed how poorly they did against nazis in ww2.

If you mean the pilots, planes and history, then I'd go with Luftwaffe. Though its best service was under the most horrible regime it's still the most outstanding. In WW1 their Fokkers outclassed the allied "Fokke Fodders" , they had the highest scoring ace, not to mention they had to fight against Russian, British and French empires at the same time with Austria as their ally. Not to mention the WW2 where they had supirior tactics and pilot training. All TOP-100 killers in the world are Germans. And today armed with the Typhoons they are still among the best. I just don't understand why they kept the F-4s on so long and sold the MiGs.

Im working on it, hopefully i will post it during this late evening. Have to be off to do other stuff, or i would surly have had it finished by now.  :P

alyster, what you have in view of??? Rout of Air forces of Workers and Peasants Red Army within the Second World war? Ridiculously. Germans bravely, I repeat, bravely battled, but neither Erikh Hartman, nor Gerkhard Barhorn, Gyunter Rall to the, in total, by the brought down 600 planes couldn't affect a course of war. It's impossible to forget, that Germans often overestimated quantity of the brought down planes of the opponent. For example, Hartman has brought down not 352, and about 270 planes of the opponent. The same and with the others. And many Soviet pilots simply didn't wish to protect communistic authority. Therefore also results such pitiable.

As to Air Forces of the Soviet Army here, excuse for expression, even Americans sucked. Probably, all have forgotten, as tens times Soviet, and now and the Russian strategic bombers flew by above decks of the American aircraft carriers. In most cases proyears of bombers above a deck of an aircraft carrier it was accompanied by a panic among American техников and the attendants which ran up as a rat with the ship. My father was the commander of crew of bomber Тu-95MS, when his plane has flown by above aircraft carrier Avraam Lincoln. At me photos of the American aircraft carrier made by photogun Tu-95MS till now are stored. If someone is interesting, I can scan and lay out on a forum.

I consider, that by 2020 VVS of Russian Federation will be one of the best Air Forces in the world. It's my opinion.

Sergei I mean that in the begining of The Great Patriotic war Luftwaffe had about 2000-3000 planes in sevice, Soviet Air Force had 12 000 - 15 000 planes[1]. Stalin had in reserves about 150 000 pilots[2]. Any air force which wanted to consider itself good should have smashed the Germans with such numbers in matter of days.   Instead of that Luftwaffe kept on battling and quite succesfully considering all they had to put up with from RAF and USAAF. All of Hartmann's kills were made after year 1942. However soviets sent unescorted bombers to attack German positions and they were quite easily taken down.[1] . In fact thing which slowed down the Luftwaffe were captured soviet air fields. Their infrastructure was so poor that Germans had to start fixing them before they could properly use them.  [3].

Soviet pilots were poorly trained. The Great purges had eliminated the pilots(or atlist made rest of them shut up) who had been to Spanish civil war. Germans learned alot from Spain. Soviet I-16 was too old at the begining of the war. The air force had to go thru the trouble of replacing it. The air fields were overcrowded, too many planes were on them and their infrastructure was below any standart. 5 times smaller Luftwaffe's major problem wasn't the red air force, but covering all of the long long front from White Sea to Black sea.

So the air force which should have crushed the Germans ran with its tail between its legs. 13 pilots scored above 200 points against the soviets. Each and everyone killed alone enough planes to smash a small air force. (Estonian air force from 1918-1940 had intotal 166 planes)

[1] - "Luftwaffe fighter aces. ..." Mike Spick
[2] - "M-Day" Viktor Suvorov
[3] - "Die Ersten und die Letzten" Adolf Galland


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