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Which Air-Force is Best II

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I was thinking, let's do an open-ended debate on each air-force in turn, with someone giving the low-down on each air-force. For example, Webby gives RNLAF, Cobra does USAF, i do RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force, not Royal Saudi Air Force) and Viggen, well, you get the picture. Anybody in?

I think it would be a very cool thing to do... if I could presume with my airforce, which is defenitely not the best...

Sure, i could give it a go.  :)

I think the best airforce in the - USAF. :(
It's a reality. Though, certainly, I very-very much would like, that the most powerful Air Forces in the world will be VVS of Russia. 8)

Well, sounds like fun.

I'm not asking which is the best air force in terms of the most hi-tech and showy aircraft. If that's the case, this would be pointless. We all know the USAF has it in the bag. The best as in um, best pilots, crews, history, etc. So the VVS would stand a chance.

Ok. Should we just get Viggen to brief us on his country's air force before we all pounce on him, or should we wait for more people?


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