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Which Air Force is Best?

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Ok, this is probably a stupid poll anyway, but here are my comments.

PAF has a great air force if it was 1980 today. They still lack a BVR capability. They don't have force multipliers like tankers and AWACS and lack intel platforms. Their new fighter will be the JF-17, which is an equivalent of the F-16 at best.

IAF lacks AWACS as well, and those Flankers are great, but more need to enter service. They have operated the MiG-29 with R-73s that gave them an edge.

SwAF lacks tankers and transports, but of course they didn't need them until now.

RAF is getting better. Finally the Typhoon started to be delivered, giving them a air dominance fighter that it lacked for so many years. What made the RAF good in past years, was their ability to specialise in specific roles. The runway bombing of the Tornados is an example of this. But face it, if the RAF wouldn't be there, the USAF would have sorted it out from medium level with lots of bombs  :P

The USAF has got it all. AIM-9X now finally entering the inventory, as well as the F/A-22.

It aint stupid, its just a tough subject.   :)

RecceJet, that's up to you. How do you want to compare these air forces?  ;) I'm not sure what the criteria of the creator of the poll are? Maybe number of aircraft in relation to the budget?

 I would have to say the United States Air Force is at the best. The US spends vast amounts of money on defense alone, and last time I checked the US spends more money on defense than any other nation. I could be wrong, if I am someone please correct me.                                             
          Furthermore, the USAF has technology on its side. Yes, other nations may have their "state-of-the-art" aircraft, but with the introduction of the F-22, new versions of the AIM-9, and now experimental UCAVs, the USAF has a lot to offer. True, the RAF has some amazing Tornado pilots, but like someone mentioned, the USAF would have come up with something to take care of the job. Not to say that the Tornado pilots' skills were not valuable and appreciated.
           Another reason for my vote to the USAF, is that they have a variety of aircraft, weapons, and tools to help in accomplishing their mission. The USAF has spy sats, AWACs, a plethora of "smart bombs", tankers, UAVs, and some of the best recon, fighter, and bomber planes around.
           Also, the USAF pilots are among the best trained in the world. Exercises such as Red Flag help sharpen their skills, and Adversary squadrons help add to the training envrionment.
           As for experience, I would say USAF pilots would come in behind Israeli pilots. As for numbers of planes and   personnel, I do not know.
           And last of all, the USAF has a variety of companies to build its aircraft. Some of the leading aircraft producing companies, with a notable amount of experience, include Boeing ,Lockheed Martin, and McDonald Douglas. USAF planes are developed, tested, and made in the US.
           In the end though, I think all the air forces contribute something special only to them. What really matters is that when a crisis comes, all the air forces mentioned above, are more than capable of defending their countries. I hope I didn't step on anyones' toes. I did not write this reply to invoke any hard feelings. I have been in conversations before where feelings were hurt and friendships broken. When people talk about whose stuff is better, nationalism plays a part in ones belief. But again in the end all the air forces have their strengths and weaknesses.         

I largely agree with Bazooka. But when you’re the best for a while, you might get sloppy and get your ass kicked by the Indian Air Force (Or event the Dutch. About ten years ago the USNAVY F-14’s were slaughtered by pre-MLU F-16’s) ;D


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