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Which Air Force is Best?

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Air Marshal:


I dont want to argue, but the Swedish air force is the best. We build our own planes, suited for our purpose, weather and tactics.  :)

Have you voted or not? Because I added the SwAF   :P

The swedisch airforce has absolute an beautifull airforce. ;D

I will go for the USA airforce and navy.
They have the latest and the best equipment. And the F-14 Tomcat......... ;)
And can overpower and overrun any airforce in this period of time in the world.

So in my humble opinion, is the USA the best airforce, from the list above.

Best Regards, Ramon.

Well, i voted. Im the one who put my vote on RAF since SWAF wasen´t available.  :-\

I see that many votes for USAF, but i dont think they really are the best. They have the tools but im still a bit skeptic about their ability overall. During Desert Storm, the tornado-pilots got the toughest assignments like taking out runways and so on.

But its their approach to the targets that impressed me. I dont think anyone flew closer to the ground in high speeds then RAF tornado-pilots and deliverd their payload on the spot.

IAF are also very good, but their targets are sitting ducks. But then SWAF has no targets at all, last time the Swedish airforce were involved in combat were in the 50´s in Congo, where four J29 took out their entire airforce.

So the problem remains despite where your heart belongs.  The only way to find out  would be to let them all have a "Go" at each other in a friendly competion. A World Championship in aircombat.  :D


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