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Which country has the best air defence.

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Indeed, already discussed in other topics. I always doubted these first "BEATEN" articles/claims. The USAF surely was surpised and impressed. But the exercise has little meaning to compare the two forces (or aircraft), especially if what you say about the exercise is true. Another thing I know is that the F-15s were not relying on AWACS as of course they would have done when in a real battle. And I think it was only WVR...not BVR, the main fighting arena for the US. The Su-30s involved were not even of the latest MKI standard, so the capability gap between the two would not be that different to determine the outcome. So it's either tactics and/or the above mentioned reasons.

I think its the U.S. because we give our pilots good training and our fighter and bombers are very good.

like the B-2, F/A-22, new F-18Es and Fs, F-15Es, F-117 etc.

Russia has good fighter planes and bombers the Su-37, Tu-160, Su-27, MiG-29, and others.
But i heard that Russia doesn't have very much fuel for there airforce...can someone correct me if im wrong...however I did hear it on the History Channel...but it may have meant in previus years.

And Isreal has a very good airforce aswell....and when I said that we give our pilots good training i meant not only us but other countries aswell..but including the U.S.

Well with 'no fuel' they probably mean 'no money'... each flight hour costs not only fuel, but also all the other costs. My impression is that the cuts are almost complete, and Russia can now streamline the organisation and start upgrading aircraft. However their pilots are still not flying and training as much as their US and European counterparts. I think there are only some exceptions, I think the Tu-160 bomber unit was doing quite well, because they are the main long range weapon and deterrent, and therefore get the neccessary funding. But that's not air defence... I think that was way better in the days of the PVO, even though the systems that can be deployed are more advanced now.

Back on the US... if you consider that air defense should be integral network of defenses, and you consider the results of the investigation of the air traffic control and NORAD on 9/11, it tells me two things. First that the air defense of the USA was probably weaker than we expected, because of the old equipment and communication systems. Secondly, that it should be the best, or one of the best, air defense system in the world, once all measures taken to prevent a similar chaos should such an event repeat itself. STARWARS project is very nice, but without the proper communications doesn't make a good air defense.


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