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Which country has the best air defence.

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I was talking about German professionalism not their equipment. Talking about equipment, I think Russian air defence force is the best,they got 300 mig-31s and 200 su-27s that are capable of interception incoming  missiles and any aircraft including stealth planes. They also have in service about 2000 missles including s-400.  :-*

True, keeping Israel out of the conflict was a good move, but Saddam wasn't stupid either firing SCUDs to show their capability, but not loading them with nasty warloads (yet). Also the Netherlands and Germany deployed Patriots in 1991, but in 2003 the Netherlands deployed Patriots to Turkey instead.

True, and those S-300 and S-400 systems are not to be underestimated, probably the best ones around.

But the S-400 only enters service in very small numbers yet. And don't forget the future US air defence. For ballistic missiles and conventional aircraft, they will deploy the THAAD, and for the medium range, they are deploying a surface-to-air Amraam.

The Airborne Laser is another nice project of the U.S.

Both have some years of development remaining though.

With PAC-III fully operational and matured, THAADs in place, ABL, F/A-22 in service, all F-15s upgraded, the US will have superb air defence. But what about QRA? I bet Israel can get more aircraft in the air simultaneously in the same area quicker  than the others.

I voted Isreal because of their history, they've defended their country on numerous occassions against much superior forces, numerically superior anyway. The level of professionalism is the highest I think out of all the countries in the poll. The US still has in fightin on a grand scale within the millitary for various reasons. In Isreal it is a collective effort to survive! They fly top of the line equipment and are alway developing equipment to stay leaps ahead of any potential adversary. Their closest contender in the region I think is Saudi Arabia. I personaly am very glad to see the Isrealis devlop the Arrow. Sure they require alot of US support and can't fight a protracted war but we have to put the poll in to context of what the threat is. Additionally the Isrealis would employ tactics to ensure that they don't have to fight a long war. The best deffence is a strong offence.

I really don't think Germany measures up, old equipment and history. Russia doesn't have the money to fully develop their potential for a world class air defence system. For one their pilots do not fly enough.


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