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Which country has the best air defence.

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I think it's Germany,it has the most professional air force and not that much air space.

The US would deem it necessary to win any and every conflict for the purpose of popular support; it has been proven how strong public opinion can be in a war effort. This compared  to Israel's need to simply survive, let alone hold any ground in world opinion.

Japan has no real threat in the region. The only thing North Korea could realisticly throw at Japan is some ballistic missiles. Japan has Kongo class Aegis warships that can take care of that threat.

Russia is in no immediate threat of being overrun by Chechen rebels, though being relatively sparsely populated I guess they could be paranoid about the Chinese eyeing the resources in Russia's east.

Ok, this is probably not the best reason (and no offence intended to any German patrons), but I voted for Israel out of the given options because Germany has already lost two wars in the last 100 years ;)

Considering that Israel is a fraction of Germany's landmass, and having - in effect - no strategic depth, they've done pretty damn good to hold off the Arabs over half a dozen wars. Also keeping in mind that "air defence" covers not only the air force of a country, but also early warning and surface-to-air missile systems, Israel is at the leading edge of research and technological advances in defensive measures. Any copy of Janes Defense Weekly will run a couple of articles about Israel's latest technological applications in any variety of fields:[*]The Hetz (Arrow) anti-ballistic missile is operational and is believed to be among the best of its kind.
[*]The Phalcon early warning system aboard the Israeli B707 is said to be more than a match for the E-3 Sentry.
[*]Israel and America have a joint research program into laser technology for a range of purposes, including defence against rocket/mortar attacks.

The list of advances is almost limitless, and a good reason is for the very fact that Israel cannot afford to lose a single battle. Germany has no immediate hostile neighbours, therefore I would argue that Israel has the best air defence - out of necessity.

Yes Germans did lost two wars, but look how much damage they did to hole Europe, Russia and U.S troops.It fought with two  biggest and most powerfull countries, comparing  it is as big as Taxes. And now , look  at that training of NATO forces in Italy ; dogfights in witch took part Italian f-16 against German primitive model of mig-29 A , and guess who won? - German mig. :o

Come on, Germany lacks in air defense because of Eurofighter delays and cutbacks. Those MiGs you love so much have been retired, and they didn't fly that many anyway. No the majority of the air defense is composed of F-4F Phantoms, and although their AIM-120 AMRAAM capability makes them a good interceptor, they are truly not a good match. The Tornados are not really for air defense, but if they would have to face an attack, the best they can do are the AIM-9Ls. Eurofighter is slowly entering service, so it might be a pretty good service, but compared to the US, UK, Russia and Israel, I wouldn't choose them.  The UK has more Eurofighters on order, E-3 AWACS aircraft, the F.3 is upgraded with AMRAAM and ASRAAM. And the Tornado GR.4 carries ASRAAM as well. And don't forget the stationed US F-15s in the country. Also it has the north sea as buffer.
German defenses have been crippled by budget cuts since the cold war, and in the cold war, Germany was really just a buffer for the west, filled with offensive aircraft from UK and US to attack incoming tank formation, it would be the frontline. Main problem is the lack of AWACS.

I've seen some nice charts of the Russian air defenses around Moscow, pretty amazing.

Italian F-16s, what do you expect, it is the first time in many years they have been operating such an agile aircraft. They have operating it for what, 2 years now?

If we go back to WWII, you might want to prefer UK air defense, which manage to hold off the attackers. German air defense although pretty good equipped with radar, nightfighters, strong day fighters and not to forget the 88mm and FLAK weapons, the allied bombers managed to bomb all major German city including Berlin in the east of the country. The damage they did to Russia/Europe has nothing to do with air defense, but with offensive blitz actions (the Luftwaffe was never that successfull and losses were high).

Israel is pretty good, but they needed PATRIOTs on several occasions from allies to protect against SCUDs. The Arrow should be filling that gap now.


--- Quote from: Webmaster on June 24, 2005, 01:58:22 PM ---Israel is pretty good, but they needed PATRIOTs on several occasions from allies to protect against SCUDs. The Arrow should be filling that gap now.

--- End quote ---

True, the US deployed several MIM-104 Patriot batteries to Israel during the early 90s, but this only so that the US could convince Israel not to take the option of the pre-emptive strike. The Sayaret Matkal (Israeli special forces) was rumoured to have been in Iraq at the time, ready to lase Saddam's SS-1B Scuds, and Israeli pilots were waiting in their jets with engines idling throught the conflict. In my personal opinion I'd say that if the US didn't hold Israel on a tight leash (so that the US could gain the support of Arabs in the Coalition Forces), Israel would have gone in and given Saddam a bloody nose, on a much larger scale than the Osirak reactor attack of 1981.


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