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Who is the top scoring jet ace in history?

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Much of the information about Soviet pilots who fought for the North Koreans during the war remains fragmented. Its accuracy is subject to debate, and much of it isn't readily available. I've stumbled across bits and pieces here and there, but it really hasn't been that long since the Russians finally openly admitted the extent of their involvement. They said nothing for over 40 years. Nevertheless, there were obviously some exceptional Russian "Honchos" that fought for the North, that much is certainly clear- a fascinating chapter in the history of military aviation.

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 The top scoring jet ace, was Kurt Welter. He flew a Me-262 nightfighter, from end of 1944-45. He shot down 68 enemy aircraft (confirmed) yet his score maybe maybe higher. He is credited with 29 kills flying the Me-262 nightfighter, but this is a very lowball figure. Most of his victims were Mosquito Intruders. Also Erich Rudorffer(222 victories) may have exceeded Heinz Bar (220) +16 in Me-262. Imagine, if they had flown the Gotha flying wing testing the prototype was far superior too the Me-262!!!!

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Here is a detailed list of highest scoring jet aces WW2, these are confirmed victories(Messerscmitt Combat Diary/John Foreman&SE Harvey)
Maj. Kurt Welter 10/NJGII 29 jet victories/ total 68+  Germany
Maj. Georg-Peter Eder JG-7 25 jet/ 78+ total Germany                                                                                                                          Lt. Rudolf Rademacher JG-7 24 jet/ 126 total Germany
Oblt. Franz Schall JG-7 17 jet/ 137 total Austria
Oblt. Heinz Bar JV-44 16 jet/ 220 total Germany

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Nice list of Me262 aces there. But as already said before, those weren't against other jets though, probably a lot of bombers too considering the timeframe :( Still respectable though!


I agree, that these aces flew jets vs piston powered planes. But one must consider that the allies had complete air superiority by the time the Me-262 appeared in the skies over Europe. Most times it was 15-20 jets vs 400 B-17s escorted by 600 Thunderbolts and P-51s. Then, we had fuel shortages, lack of good landing sites(they even used the autobahn) and the danger of being vulnerable when landing the jet for rearming, refueling.

The jet aces(Israeli, USA) that scored kills over the Middle East, Korea, flew vs poorly trained enemy pilots, inferior aircraft. Although, during the Korean conflict, US pilots did cross sabres with some Russian pilots, who were well trained and had survived the air battles from WW2, most did not survive(Luftwaffe shot down 77,000 Russian aircraft during 1941-45)

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