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"Show of Force" passes-- valid, or counterproductive?

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shawn a:
What do you think of "Show of Force" passes by aircraft supporting ground troops who are taking fire? The aircraft makes a low, fast pass over enemy positions, without releasing ordinance. Is this a valid humanitarian gesture, or a counterproductive military tactic?
I'll give my own opinion after I hear replies from others (if any).

F-111 C/C:
I think if you're going to make a pass, potentially putting yourself and your aircraft in harm's way, you should be putting bullets and/or bombs on target(s). The lesson we hopefully learned in Vietnam is that a humanitarian, politically correct war DOES NOT WORK. When your troops are taking fire, I disagree with the 'pussyfoot' flyby to try to intimidate the enemy.

Well those military aircraft are there to do a specific job. To support the troops on the ground. They aren't there as some social exercise in diplomacy whilst the guys on the ground are in danger. Use all the resources at your disposal to defeat the enemy.

It's a good tactic when you don't know exactly where the enemy is or whether the enemy is about, and you don't have the assets or manpower on the ground to find out or they are in a vulnerable position. But otherwise, it is probably counterproductive...and make it less effective for those cases in which dropping ordnance is really not an option.

shawn a:
OK-- It's a counterproductive manifestation of the "politically correct" crap that is killing America's resolve!

who the hell thought this up, anyhow?
Does anyone for one minute think the enemy is throwing down their weapons and getting employment building hospitals, schools, or water supplies?
Or are they running away with their weapons determined to fight another day?


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