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An interesting dogfight

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I would love to to see Gripen and the F16 battle it out.   ;D

F-22 and F-15E. Interesting to see two of the most reputed fighter-bombers fight it out.

P.S. The '18 isn't great by me... ;)

I think the most interesting dogfight would be between an F-15C Eagle and an Su-27 Flanker - no holds barred...all out...without political interference...the Cope India excercise flown by both American F-15C's and Indian Su-30MK's (I think that was the variant)  didn't tell the real truth. 

Put them up against each other again...equal pilot skills...equal armament and go at it! 

i think a Eurofighter and a Gripen would make a good fight. They are both agile and have good combat systems. The Sweedes train their pilots well, and so do most of the Euro countries.

now that i think about it, a Eurofighter, Rafale and Gripen would make a great fight

3 way. Hey, i didn't think of that.

Then It'll be... B-1 against Tu-160. Ramming only.  ;D just kidding.
How about chopper air to air fights, then? Maybe a fight between the Eurocopter Tigre/Tiger, The AH-64 Apache (no longbow), and the Kamov Ka-52. This will be fun, no doubt about it  >:D


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