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An old accident

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I think so too. ;D

No super expensive missile fired, trains the pilot in the art of combat manuevering, AND it saves the goverment from having to argue with the other one. Quite the excellent situation. That Blame-game thing.

Maybe they should rework the whole book on aircombat procedures. Just write Reno Air race with big letter in it instead.  ;)
I like this incident, not just because the Viggen and its pilot came out on top. But mostly becuse as you say, it was without the use of any weapons, all about aircraft and its pilot. Im sorry that the russian pilot did not have time to eject and lost his life, but you would expect that a pilot should know his aircrafts limit.

Oh, i'm sure, Viggen. Pg 15, section 32, see paragraph 12.

You out-manuever a missile flying at Mach 3, with a 90 degree turn radius by... turning as hard as you can!!!

Well, maybe no one told him. Or maybe they didn't include the user maual in the starter kit, cos they were a few short. ;D

May sound like a similar story I heard many moons back on Red Flag , the mighty Blackburn Buccaneer was bounced by 2 F-14s and im led to beleive it ended up in some Canyon flying , the Buccaneer pilot knew his aircraft limits and pulled steep at the end of a canyon where as one of the F14 drivers misjudged and did not make it , not 100% accurate but its one of them tales from the old days.


--- Quote from: Viggen on January 12, 2006, 07:56:07 AM ---How many more kills does he need before he can call himself an ace?  ;)

--- End quote ---

Dont pilots need 5 confirmed kills to be counted as an ace? Or is that different these days?


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