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"In the mid eighties or on july 7 1985 to be precise. An SH37 from F21 was out alone, flying on international waters in the balticsea. It flew on lowest altitude possible. Two Russian SU15´s discoverd it. They got direct orders not to intercept or engage the swedish fighter. One of the pilots went against that order and made a steep dive to get behind the SH37. The pilot in the swedish fighter made a counterturn so the SU15 would not be able to get behind him. As a result of this, the SU15 was not able to preform the pull up required and crashed into the sea."

"Russains never mentioned the incident, probably because their own pilot was the blame of the accident."

Source: Svenska Flyghistoriska Föreningen. Ingemar Strandberg

hehe, boys, toys and playing war  ;)

Yupp, very intresting to read about this old stuff. More and more are surfacing now since the viggen has retired and as years have passed by.

This incident also has a littele twist to it. The story also mentions that the Swedish pilot later had a faint sillhouette of a russian plane painted on his aircraft.  :)

How many more kills does he need before he can call himself an ace?  ;)

I really liked that kill. Just a little jet fuel used. ;D

Yeah, and no political blame-game. Actually I think these kills should get double points.   ;D


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