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Are aerial refuelling tankers peace time aircraft?

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--- Quote from: SukhoiLover on July 19, 2009, 03:54:02 AM ---I wouldn´t say better Webby.

Just think about the conflicts were tankers were used and in which the airspace wasn´t all that friendly, and you´ll see that they are far from being peace time equipment.

I would like to add just another thing to what Webby said, the Su-33 and the new Su-35 can also use special equipment to do buddy refueling.

--- End quote ---

There haven't been any conflicts in history where tankers have really been in harm's way that I know of Suck. They have always been able to protect them with massive aerial superiority like Viet Nam for instance.
Even in the Falklands the Argentinian AF had no hope of getting anywhere near the RAF'S tankers.

But your observation that Sus can aerial refuel only adds to the argument that in a real shooting war, the tankers are vulnerable as in police actions and terrorist wars there aren't any Sus.

Your second point about enemy aircraft like the Su-35s made me think of something else.
I wonder if there will ever be a scenerio where enemy aircraft will refuel from an enemy with the threat of shooting down a tanker unless they complied.

The Western systems are different from the Russian, even if that USAF tanker is fitted with a drogue and not boom, the probe is different. So, you need a scenario where the systems are compatible, not unlikely with countries supplying to states which aren't friendly towards eachother. I don't think it can get close, or that pilots would make such a decision, they can better RTB or ditch than trying to hook up with an enemy tanker, LOL.

That one made me laugh ( in the good sense ).

Imagine an F-18, for exemple, desperate for fuel trying to hook up on a Su-33 surrounded by escorts.


I guess thats what the Su´s pilots would say.

First case in history of Aerial rape comes to mind.

Have you guys seen the movie stealth?

In it they have a refuelling..thing flying around in circles continuosly giving fuel to the planes that plug into it.

Is making on of those things possible and could it be used to refuel like a 747 or A380? A big civilian aircraft?


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