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CAN G forces affect brain later in life??


I know what happens when you get positive g's and negative g's but does it affect you or your brain later in life? please tell.

I have no idea but the Gsss sure do feel good. On a tangent, the theory of special relativity does theorise that the faster you go the more time slows down and thus the less you age.

Air Marshal:
The maximum amount of G that a person, airframe, or whatever can withstand. Most human beings cannot stand 9G for more than mere seconds before 'blacking out' (if that) & few of those can go beyond 10G for more than a couple of seconds. Airframes can technically stand 12G but at the expense of deforming which requires lots of maintance & results in a loss of structural life.

Air Marshal:
'G' is the force of gravity acting on a body at sea level. G-limit is usually mentioned in relation to human body or an aircraft. For example human body can sustain ?? G's for ?? seconds before blackout or an aircraft can sustain maximum of ?? G's in a turn etc.


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