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F-14A vs F-15I


Hello comrades Iran, I have a question as we all know.The present time only about possible conflicts between Israel and Iran, so as far as I know, the F-14A is still the backbone of the Iranian army, but old electronic system (which may haveupgraded by Russia), but maneuverability almost Su-27 (ie more than the F-15I) and long-range missiles AIM-54 phoenix.Sure would be a real threat to the F-15I of the Jews?

PERFORMANCE of Grumman F-14A Tomcat

Wing span: 19,45 m. (wings forward)

Wing span: 11,65 m. (wings swept)

Length: 19,10 m.

Height: 4,88 m.

Max. speed: Mach 2.34 (2517 km/h, 1564 mph.)

Empty weight: 39,310 lbs.(17830 kg.)

Max. weight: 74,348 lbs.(33724 kg.)

Power plant: two Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-414 afterburning turbofans

Thrust: 14,000 lbs.(6350 kg.) each

With Afterburner: 20,900 lbs.(9480 kg.) each

Guns: 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun, with 675 rounds
Hardpoints: 10 total: 6× under-fuselage, 2× under nacelles and 2× on wing gloves with a capacity of 14,500 lb (6,600 kg) of ordnance and fuel tanks

Missiles: Air-to-air missiles: AIM-54 Phoenix, AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-9 Sidewinder. Or amended with R-27, MIM-23

PERFORMANCE of Grumman F-15I

Primary Role

- Tandem seat attack plane


Wingspan: 13.5 m
Length: 19.43 m
Height: 5.63 m


Maximum speed: Mach 2.5 at high altitude,
1,482 kph at low altitude
Range: 4,450 km


Empty: 14,379 kg
Max. loaded: 36,750 kg

Power Plant

- 2 Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engines with a max. thrust of 29,000 lb. each


- 20 mm. 6 barrelled cannon at wing root. Air-to air missiles: Python 3, Python 4, Sidewinder, Sparrow and AMRAAM. Varied air-to-ground missiles and guided bombs.
Total carry load capacity: up to 11 tons
I would go with the Iranian F-14A + IL-76 AEW and AIM-54. IAI Phalcon AEW + F-15I and the AIM-120 will also be a threat.But AIM-120 as far as I know the lower range of the phoenix. We are talking about BVR, and Dogfight, depending on the level of the pilot, I do not know F15I the maneuver with specific numbers?

shawn a:
Tomcat Toast.

BVR: they'll see them coming... evaded or F-14/AIM-54 will just get jammed, countered. F-15I/AIM-120 will have superior awaraness and the missile will hit...

WVR: Tomcat is toast.

Is Iran even capable of flying F-14s anymore?

Yes, they started overhauling them couple of years ago, also putting one or two into service which had been stored since delivery. I think it was about 20 aircraft, divided over three units I think, I believe one was just OCU, one just gearing up again, and then the one tasked with the defense of the capital. If I remember the article correctly, the logistical issues have been solved largely by reserve engineering, but now the challenge is training new pilots for the type as well as issues with the weapon's stock.

I'll fill in the details when I come across the magazine with the article again, it's here somewhere...


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