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F-16 C/D v/s MIRAGE 2000-5 v/s GRIPEN v/s MIG-29

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Of course, latest versions on the market are being compared here.

About the Block 60, wonderful, but don't forget that it's quite a bit more expensive than the Block 50/52. Also adding all this stuff to it, makes it more capable overall, but less capable in the original and most important role, air defense. So you actually need that IRST and 9X, because you can't out-maneuver an enemy, so bet on it you need to engage off-boresight.

That's true Webmaster but when comparing planes, the price isn't th first one to look at. Of course the B60 is more expensive than the B50, because of its more advanced systems and new 'toys'. Why you say that the B60 is not as well suited in A/A combat than the B50?

Actually it has a bit better radar (because of it is AESA), so it can out range the older radars in range and tracking capability. This also make it possible to use AMRAAMs of its best, same like in the case of the Rhino's APG-79. You are right that the B60, because of the bigger weight, ain't so agile, but the different ain't so big...No matter what is the plane B50 or B60, you'll need the HMS to make it efficient in modern aerial combat...Its not only for the B60....also for the B50. It is more likely the modern trend to use HMS to achieve the help of upper hand...So in the terms of radar and EWS systems the B60 Desert Falcon is slightly superior to the B50.

Actually, super-long ranged radar would be mostly for aggressive purposes, when you don't want the enemy to know what hit them.


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