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F-16s at Manas airport - Enduring Freedom

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Thanks Niels and Elias!! I really appreciate it. This is the kind of information that really helps out in our work, the units and activities of 'smaller' countries (sorry, just can't think of a better word at the moment). It's too bad many official websites aren't in English also.

I've been checking our newstands for AFM but we must be a month behind or something because the Recce Tornado issue is still on the shelves here.

Thanks again guys!!


Some more information of the 2005 deployment:

The F-16 detachment is under command of Lt.Col. Bertil van Geel, commander of 312 Sqn of Volkel AB. The 100 personnel (pilots, security guards, technical and support staff) are deployed for three months, after which they will be replaced. First mission was flown on April 1st. A photo in the air force magazine Vliegende Hollander shows the first F-16 of the detachment touching down at Kabul International Airport, serialled J-017.


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