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F-16s at Manas airport - Enduring Freedom

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I'm presently working on an ORBAT for Enduring Freedom as was wondering if anyone knows which F-16 squadrons deployed to Manas airport.

Thanks in advance!

They've been at Manas for quite some time, especially the Dutch ones. For the Dutch F-16s, I think they rotated between the Airbases, each airbase sending a detachment of personell from each of the precent F-16 squadrons. Give me some time to dig into this, and I will see what I can do. 

Thanks much! I had a feeling that was the case (rotating). While most of my orbat is complete, it's just the European countries I'm having problems with...and mainly 'cause I only speak/read English.


The Netherland had two deployments to Manas. The first in 2002/03 to support Enduring Freedom and the second in 2004 to support the ISAF.

In the first deployment, the Netherlands cooperated together with the Danish and the Norvegian.

Second deployment:

On August 20, 2004 the  Dutch government agreed to strengthen the ISAF presence in Afghanistan during the elections.

"On September  8, roughly half the 185-strong detachement travelled to Manas by KDC-10. The KDC-10 then flew to Turkey, and on September 10 it joined up with five F-16AMs from 311 and 312 Squadrons wich had left their home base at Volkel earlier that morning.  The sixth F-16AM, together with a replacement for an F-16 in the first group, arrived at Manas on October 3. These two were accompanied by KDC-10 T-264. T-264 replaced T-235, the other KDC-10. By September 15, operations over Afgahnistan had begun. On November 4, the operations were terminated after a clear election of Hamid Karzai.
During their deployment the F-16 flew 87 missions accumulating a little over 800 flying hours. The KDC-10 missions numbered 36 with some 200 hours flown.. On November 16 an 20 the F-16s left Manas."

I know F-16AMs J-202, J-199, J-648, J-637 and J-874 to have operated in Manas. I don't know the other two. (311 and 312 Squadrons)
KDC-10 are T-264 and T-235 of 334 Squadron (Eindhoven based)

Source: AirForcesMonthly, February 2005.

Check also the website
It's a good site about everything concerning the F-16.

Here is some information filtered from the news archive of the official air force website of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Netherlands):

Some combat info during the deployment of the F-16s in support of Enduring Freedom:

29 Aug 2003 - Dutch F-16s taking part in Enduring Freedom provide air support to coalition troops near Kandahar, dropping GBU-12 bombs and using the 20mm cannon.
14 Aug 2003 - EPAF's Dutch F-16s reach 4.000th flying hour.
16 July 2003 - EPAF's 10.000th flying hour flown by Danish F-16
10-11 May 2003 - Dutch F-16s fly eight sorties, bring total to 502, 2935 hours.
18 Feb 2003 - Two Norwegian F-16s flew the 1000th mission of the EPAF detachment.
10 Feb 2003 - US convoy was ambushed in the Lejay Baghram valley. Two Dutch F-16s released several GBU-12s, after which the shooting on the ground stopped. The called-in A-10 didn't need to deploy any weapons.
4 Feb 2003 - First time Dutch F-16s had to use their weapons in Afghanistan. The two F-16s normally based at Leeuwarden AB, deployed several GBU-12 on a target in the south of the country.
27 Jan 2003 - EPAF took part in the biggest air support action since operation Anaconda after a convoy was attacked. Although two Dutch F-16s were called in, they were not able for operational reason (meaning?) to engage. Norwegian F-16s took over and engaged the target with LGBs (I suppose GBU-12s)
22 Dec 2002, 19.30 local time - two Dutch F-16s responded to a call by two Blackhawks who were being fired upon during a MEDEVAC. Good communication, NVG in combination with the Targeting Pod resulted in quick and effective response and escort. The 'show of power' was enough to stop the threats and the Blackhawks were able to carry on with their mission.
19 Dec 2002, 22.45 local time - one Danish F-16 left the runway at Bagram after landing, pilot ejected and remained unharmed. Due to weather condition, the two F-16s were redirected from Manas to Bagram.
3 Dec 2002 - two Dutch F-16s escort the convoy bringing (then) Afghani president Karzai from Kabul
to the border with Tadzjikistan on his way to Berlin for a meeting. After the escort both aircraft were called to the Pakistani border to provide air support to ground forces under fire. Enemy opposition stopped when the aircraft entered the area.
night of 24-25 Nov 2002 - 1000th flying hour of Dutch F-16s in support of Enduring Freedom
night of 4-5 Nov 2002 - two Dutch F-16s were called into the area of Gardez to support Forward Deployed Forces, who were under morter attacks. After having established contact with the FAC on the ground, no target could be given. But the presence of the F-16s in the area stopped all hostilities.
01 Oct 2002 7.45am local time - First mission Dutch F-16s (J-008 and J-872) over Afghanistation, aircraft from 311. The aircraft cooperated with US A-10s to protect a convoy.

Some information regarding the rotations:

- First deployment was personnel and in the first week 3 F-16s from Volkel's 311sqn and 3 F-16s from Volkel arrived one week later, together with 3 more Danish and Norwegian F-16s, meaning 6 F-16s per country. 18 in total.
- In January 2003, the Volkel detachment was replaced with a Leeuwarden detachment.
- On 1st April 2003, Denmark and Netherlands prolong presence with 6 months, Norwegian F-16s left, Leeuwarden detachment replaced with second detachment from Leeuwarden again.
- 1 July 2003, Denmark and Netherlands reduced the number of F-16s from 6 to 4 each. The detachment from Leeuwarden replaced by one from Twenthe AB.
- On 1 October 2003, the EPAF deployment ended. Twenthe detachment returns home. Dutch F-16s flew 804 missions, 4640 flying hours.

2004 deployment:

See post by Elias

2005 deployment:

"Yesterday, 24 March 2005, another detachment of four RNLAF F-16s left Volkel AB for Afghanistan, where they will be available to ISAF from 1 April 2005 onwards for the period of one year. The detachment of 100 personnel and F-16s will be temporarily based at Kabul airport, until reconstruction of infrastructure and preparations for the F-16s are finished at Bagram AB. During previous deployments, the F-16s were operated from Manas Internation Airport in Kyrgyzstan. " from the news archive

They are modified with PRISM (Photo Reconnaissance Intelligence Strike Module) to improve data-exchange with troops on the ground.


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