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Fighterpilots. Men vs Women.

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PILOTESSES (hope i've spelled the word right)
well we have some in the army. i know 2 of them in IAF i think that the women are little stronger on the studying level- whether if its studing in ground studies physics and things like thath or whether in flight. on the physical side they are a little weaker but not all of them. most are very physically developed.
there is real strong willing to show the "boys" that they, the "girls" can make about the same thing. so the "girls" doing all the best in order to show that there is no gender discrimination in subject of flight
we have 2 fighter pilots
1 cargo navigator
1 cargo pilot
1 or 2 heli pilots (i'm not sure about the quantities, can't remember exactly.)

basing on my experience i can tell that they are about the same level, the "boys" and "girls". the girls try to outstand them men just to show them that THEY CAN!

seems like no one interests in this topic huh? :'(

F-111 C/C:
Women fighter pilots in the U.S. services have grown immensely in the last 4-5 years. Even the Thunderbirds and Snowbirds demonstration teams have now or in the past had a women on the team. There's a handful of women flying F-15s, F-16s and F-18s now too. As far as Transport aircraft, there have been many women pilots for a lot of years.

Where are pilot women there always would be a spirit of discrimination. most of the ladies or should i call them girs- 18 years old that gone trough all the pilot course and all the advanced training afther the inaugurationn were trying to show their best that everybody would understand that they are at equalto/better than men. Main implication for a women pilots is the fact that they sign a paper, think in the end of the course, that thy must not get pregnant for the next 9 years (thats the number of years mandatory for the pilots here). so the flight career sometimes comes on account of a family. To my opinion to start with kids at age of 30 at least is too late for a nowadays woman.

I always thought they "women" have been sort of kept out the main stream fighter world in the US Armed Forces in general.  I thought studies released show they have quicker reflexes and multi task better?  Do men handle G's better I don't know if upper body strength plays a factor? 


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