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Future of dogfighting

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What is the future of dogfighting? Your vote counts.

I voted supermanuevrability  :) And welcome to the forum Flanker! (I know I'm a little late   :P)
As we all see with the Typhoon, F-22, Su-27/35/37 etc. supermanuevrability is becoming very important.  :)

I actually think stealth will be the more important. The development of new missiles, BVR combined with very high speed, then only stealth will save your aircraft and possibly your life.  If you dont see the threat then it dosent matter how manueverbal your aircraft is.  ::)

Pesonally i wish it would be speed insted, but reality wants something diffrent.  ;)

I agree with you.

I think it is a little bit speed and maneuvrability, because you have to be fast to escape from enemies and maneuvrability to avoid missiles.


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