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Israeli airstrike on Gaza strip today


F-111 C/C:
Anyone know what aircraft were used today?

shawn a:
Well, I know for sure it wasn't a B-2, or a TU-142, so I assume it was a -15, or -16. More interestingly, and probably purposely obfuscated, is why, and what particular weapons were used. I'd sure like to see peace break out in that particular corner of the world. Of course, I'd also like to win the lottery!  And I'll probably win the lottery first!  Bummer.

You're right Shawn, better start buying lotto tickets. On the flip side, there's some pretty damn good technology coming out of that little country.

I'd add Apaches to that list of aircraft likely used. They tend to be used now and then, and they tend to be a little more accurate as a "direct-fire" platform.

shawn a:
Yeah, you're right about the technology, necessity IS indeed the mother of invention, and I'd forgotten about choppers. And I'm very glad the USA allowed the sale, and shared the technology of the Apaches. (Which I'm sure have locally made "improvements")
Out of a job? Where you from, anyway?


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