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Our questions might get answered "soon". UN has given NATO green light to use any means necessary to keep Libyas air force on the ground. This means that NATO can fly into Libya and are free to support and protect the civilian population. France said yesterday that they can be in the air within a few hours after the UN´s decision.
China, Russia and Germany did not vote at all.

Now we will find out if Kadaffi is bluffing or not. If  he´s not, he will soon wish he did.  :)


--- Quote ---China, Russia and Germany did not vote at all.
--- End quote ---
neither did India and Brazil

No surprises there.

--- Quote ---Our questions might get answered "soon".
--- End quote ---

Well, "any means necessary " + "enforce ceasefire upon military" answers it... it could be more than just a no-fly-zone, making some the questions irrelevant. Also, it's no longer just about the air force.


Libya already responded that it was open to cease fire, and Gaddafi is reported to have put the advance on hold.

Propaganda talk over?

You are right on there, propaganda talks are over. I believe Gadaffi  agreed to a cease fire because he needs a cool off period, so he can figure out his next move. Im convinced that the rebels or traitors as he call them, are still in very high danger from Gadaffis forces.

I would not be the least surprised if he will use "un-sanctioned" death squads to suppress the rebels will to fight, and to cleanse his country.

So while getting that no-fly zone into place, Gadaffi keeps on losing planes... one downed today:

Looks like MiG-23.

I just read in the news that the downed MIG-23 belonged to the rebels.

This lead me to think about the coalition-pilots. How are they going to tell the difference between Gadaffis and the rebels aircraft?

If a rebel aircraft is in the no fly zone, are they still going to shot it down?

Maybe this is why we have not yet seen any NATO jets in the air so far. Even though they said they were ready to strike within hours. Or did both sides bluff and now we get to see the results of it. NATO do more talks and plans while Gadaffis forces still clash with the rebels.

We keep hearing. "Its a matter of hours". "It might already be to late". But still no sign of any NATO aircraft, not even a demonstration of strength.

OK, we know that NATO needs to recce the area with satellite images and UAV´s to pin-point anti air  weapons, airfields and later ground forces. But whats taking so long if they are in such a hurry?

Also, rumors circulating that Sweden might send a couple of Gripens to help. I´ll try to dig more into this today and see if there is any credibility behind the words.


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