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Already 4 down, at least. Plus I remember from LAVEX 07/09 reports that some had their guns removed and were just used for training (still could be armed with rocket pods). However, they are pretty vulnerable. That's why I mentioned the SA-7, also the rebel army brought a lot of ZU-23 AAA guns to the frontline. I'd imagine they are intentionally not deployed to attack rebel positions, but rather stop any attacks. In this respect, it's maybe a good thing the rebels are not using much military doctrine.

That said, most recent reports indicate army units from Benghazi sided with the rebels finally arrived in Ras Lanuf, to retake Bin Jawad, We could well see more intense use of Hinds here tomorrow to counter the disloyal army units.

And...of all equipment, I fear the Hinds will be flown by experienced mercenaries... but that's just my gqess.

Today, perhaps the first "aimed" or at least properly coordinated air strike took place at Sidra port. Destroying (according to one eye witness) much of Sidra port and the oil facilities rendering it totally useless. In other reports it seems the damage is more limited. Perhaps aimed at denying the rebels access to fuel and getting aid via that port. On the other hand, this may be an indication the regime does not expect to take back the east beyond Ras Lanuf any time soon...?

Read today that rebels only get 2 days of weapons training. Then they are "ready" for combat. Better then just handing them a weapon and sending them straight out into a combat zone, i guess.

Also, the French government wants to send forces over to help the rebels. Even without the help of an allied coalition or being UN-sanctioned. This means that the French Foreign Legion will be the boots on the ground. If it happens, lets hope they dont do the same mistake as they did in the Algerian war.

Do you think the French government will also give them air support if they actually send troops to help?

No, not if it's only France. You need aircraft on station or at least nearby to provide air support. Malta probably doesn't allow warplanes without a UN resolution. So they would need to be able to use Italian base, unlikely if it's only France, not NATO. The CDG just finished a deployment to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. I'm not sure it's capable of supporting Libyan ops. The best the French can do (speaking air power) is long strike missions against fixed targets, such as runway denial. If I'm correct, France is among the few countries which is still armed/trained for this. A risky mission with the air defense systems still online.

Foreign Legion can operate independently and may prioritize disabling the remaining Sukhois/Hinds on the ground. Wouldn't be the first time, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've got some teams already in Brega.

I haven't checked the range from possible bases in Chad to Libya, but I'd suspect it's too far to reach the bases in the North.


The crew of the Lynx helicopter were released and are now in Greece. They say the Netherlands did not have to deliver / make concessions on anything. Libya is keeping the helicopter. They think Libya let them free to improve the regime's image before international meeting on Libya. However, today, government forces launched an offensive against Ras Lanuf, with lots of artillery and some airstrikes and rebels started to retreat back to the East.

I don't have a lot of details today, because the news is dominated by the earthquake/tsunami near Japan.

shawn a:
AW&ST's latest  issue has an article called  "F-22s may be used for Libyan SEAD" or some similar title (I just got the e-mail notification for the online edition, which I can't access on dial-up)
My question is: How? As far as I know, the -22 does not carry HARMs, even externally. So what the article says I don't know, but am eagerly awaiting the paper issue in my mailbox.
Could there be the possibility of EA on the system by the AESA radar of the -22?
By the way, I agree with the concept that the local countries should be the ones most concerned, and the ones that should take action. NATO should indeed stay out of it (lotsa luck!!)

EA, no... doesn't have those capabilities. Besides using a stealth fighter for EA??? unless it's very good, it will reveal itself.

Using AWACS/Rivet Joint to locate emitters, radio-ing (or datalinking... is F-22 Link-16 yet?) it may do the job with JDAM fully utilizing its stealth. Or it could passively locate emitters itself. It has advanced RWR with some good range. Maybe the AESA can accurately find the range (some modes signals have low probability of intercept), or more probable passively with the RWR. I'd bet the RWR is already sophisticated enough to accurate detect range and bearing (just like a dedicated ELS on a Wild Weasel). Even Tornado F.3 RWR had already a good enough ELS to be used for SEAD. Fusing this information with GPS might be able to give an accurate location to feed to the JDAM. Stealth would protect the plane from detection at medium/high altitude, giving JDAM necessary range for somewhat stand-off attack... uhm, it's risky. How about JSOW?

But otherwise... fixed sites come to mind, with its stealth giving it enough room to come close enough for a JDAM (on a clear day). No ELS needed then.

But both of those... wouldn't that be DEAD, rather than SEAD?

Probably they do mean with HARM though... I also wonder how on the physical part of arming the AGM-88. Externally... does the LAU-118 launcher fit on the BRU-47 rack? Internally... HARM is eject type, not rail-launch, but does it fit? (large fins...)
That the -88 isn't on the list doesn't mean it's impossible.


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