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I sure as hell wasn't, I was just replying to the first guy...............[just to clarify]................

sorry, eagles. i meant hunter.  :-X

The true capabilities of the aircraft are most likely not even close to what a video game portrays...

Yeah i know , im just saying that as an aircraft engineer and not a pilot I have no idea what moves an aircraft has got , but I am saying that Ive played one of these new realistic video games and tried dogfighting on that , It was impossible for me , but im saying that in real life it must be very difficult.

The answer to your question though , if a good pilot in a poorer aircraft was up against a good aircraft but a poor pilot then yes if he knew his capabilities.

The Korean war I believe is a good example, the Mig was to some better than the Sabre but with correct training and knowing the aircrafts moves then they overcame a poor combat ratio to have a good success in that war (USA I mean)

I agree with your comments though  :)

Oh no prob, I was pretty certain you were not refering to me, but I just figured I would clarify.......

As a matter o' fact it makes me laugh, because Ace Combat is a fun game, but realism is pretty non-existant...........minus take off speed.....................

Istrongly believe that the "human material" that is inside the cockpit has big influence on the results of the dogfights.
back in 116th squadron we had lot of exsercises with US Texas air guard ( dont remember what squadrons we hosted at the Nevatim AFB) and i saw by myself how a A-4 "shoots down" F16 during a training dogfight. was amazing to listen to the pilots of both birds when they emerged their cockpits and condinued in "pilot talk" with lots of hand-swiveling and manuvering:) always love to listed to pilot talks like thath.
US pilots' impressions were that we are very strong and highly skilled air force even in some points we are stronger than the US pilots


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