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I would also rate the chances of a higher skilled well trained pilot in a older jet fighter then a less skilled pilot in a modern jet fighter.  A good example would be like a Brazilian well seasoned F-5 pilot vs. a new Venezuelan Su-30 MK2 Flanker pilot, I would put my money on the Derby’s or Python’s hitting first.   But once the basic training is over and the new pilot has some tactics down and some skills the edge would swing back to the superior equipment.   The difference is too great between a Flanker and an F-5.   The Flanker has many advantages over an F-5 even an upgraded F-5.  A skilled F-5 pilot would give a mid skilled Flanker pilot a few surprises in close as many F-14 and F-15 pilots can account to.

Sometimes, it just isn't worth discussing unlikely situations. How many times has the F-15 gone into close combat? How else do you think they have that fantastic record?

But if i must, then i'd rate it at 60%. If your plane can't turn for nuts, it's no point going up against a pilot who may not be very skilled, but can fly, and has about the best close-up fighter in the world.

Have you ever played Lock On Modern Air Combat , Dogfighting in that pretty realistic sim is nails , just imagine what real life is like  :-\

just give me long range missiles and a fast exit  ;D

Completely, skill is why the USAF trains their pilots so well and so much. To make sure they are better than the other guy. Look at the Israeli's against the Syrians(or was it the Egyptians, idk too many Israeli wars), a Mig-21 can outmaneuver a Mirage III family aircraft, however the Israeli's were much better pilots.

You're basing on a video game?


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