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Kind of though question, think before you answer.  :)

I don't disobey orders. If even they don't know it, then how could I know whcih it is, so it's their screw up.

This is more of a psycology test. It somewhat says what kind of a person you are.  Heres is the answers to what you have voted on:

If you answer is the first choice, then you defenetly dont belong in any of the armed forces. It proves that you cant make your own desicions/dont question things or that you are a sociopat.  An airforce defenetly dont need those kind of humans. Try politics insteed.

The third choice says that you are a chicken, you rather sacrifice your own mother then get killed or harmed in any way. You would probably not even make it as an pilot if you tried.

Fourth choice is the correct one. You Return To Base, wait until intelligence puts a man on the sight and confirms the target. You never bomb or shoot at anything unless it is confirmed its an enemy target, thats just the way it works. You would become a good pilot and officer if this was your answer.

The second choice is just there to confuse you.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.  8)

Okay, so I had my psychological test, passed it. And I know that everyone is worried about these questions beforehand, rumours going on about people failing it because they couldn't decide what the air force wanted. Like this, there are some more questions circulating. But I didn't have any questions like that.

But I wonder, do they really ask such direct questions about certain situations? I doubt it, my guess is they will figure out what kind of person you are with more general questions...that wouldn't give you a feeling of 'damn, I answered it incorrect' right away. Otherwise they would end up hiring the wrong people anyway, those that give the most socially (or air force) acceptable answer. Of course also with more general questions, that could be the case...

I dont think they ask questions like this one. No, defenetly not. This test is more a fun one, not taken from any book or so. I made it myself, its not a serious test. Its based in my amateur knowledge of psychology. Which must be obvious.  :)

If i knew you guys would take it this seriously i wouldent have posted it.. :-[


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