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RAAF F-18 Super Hornet squadrons

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In Australia four squadrons are to be equiped with the F-18 Hornet.

These are.
Our front line fighter group.
     * No 75 Squadron, RAAF Base Tindal, near Katherine Northern Territory

    * No 3 Squadron, RAAF Base Williamtown, near Newcastle New South Wales
    * No 77 Squadron, RAAF Base Williamtown New South Wales.
    * No 2 Operational Conversion Unit, RAAF Base Williamtown, who train pilots transferring to Hornet squadrons.

When do you guys get your Super Hornets?  Who do you might a third customer USN, Australia, ?

They are on offer to a few countries like Brazil, Greece and Denmark.
We get ours next year in 2010

what is the difference between hornet and Super hornet?


The single seat F/A-18E and two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornets carry over the name and design concept of the original F/A-18, but have been extensively redesigned. The Super Hornet has a new, 25% larger airframe, larger rectangular air intakes, more powerful GE F414 engines based on F/A-18's F404, and upgraded avionics suite. The aircraft is currently in production and will eventually equip 22 squadrons. The EA-18G Growler is an electronic warfare version of the two-seat F/A-18F, which entered production in 2007. The Growler will replace the Navy's EA-6B Prowler.


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