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According to what I looking for, all of the Chinese air force currently includes (with radar series NRIET KLJ):

JH-7A use radar NRIET Type 243H aka KJL-1/2 (range 75 km for A2A)
J-10A/JF-17/FC-1 using KLJ-3 radar or KLJ-7 (range 100-105km for A2A)
J-8DF/11A using radar KLJ-4 (range 150km for A2A)
J-10B/11B/15/16 will use AESA radar KLJ-10 or Unnamed radar AESA (range ?)

Here's what I have come to conclude.

J-8H with KLJ-1 Type 1471, JH-7A's Type 243H is from CLETRI (607th Institute) which could have been replaced by JL-10A radar on late production aircraft or on JH-7B? JL-10A lost out to KLJ-3 to equip the J-10.

JF-17/FC-1 not in PLAAF service. I doubt the -3 and -7 have the same range, I'd think KLJ-7 has less range.

J-8DF the Type 1492 (KLJ-??) from the J-8F.

J-11A... still N001VE I would think. Unless we've seen it with SD-10/PL-12. I think they still have R-27s, possibly R-77.

J-11B replacing the radar/fire control system with their own system, PD radar (Type 1494?) and thus missiles happened with the J-11B as far as I understood it. Those now in service still have PD. No AESA yet, I think. Same for the handful J-15s...if equipped.

Looks like the J-11B can handle a bigger AESA radar than J-10B. Pffft, range who knows, anything between 150km and 300km? It could be that it just improves the tracking, without improving the detection range.


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