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Readying the bomb for secret underground nuclear installations

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Well, I suppose...

--- Quote ---say to Iran and North Korea, "You have no place to hide your stuff, we can get them if we want"?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---
 going to use them

--- End quote ---
...against some under-developed enemy that's using tunnels and caves, but it's too risky to fight them, and there's not enough manpower to keep them from using the ancient tunnels. If too late for Afghanistan, surely they'll serve their purpose nearby.
But more importantly, it's a good weapon to have for the longer term, many other countries also have various military complexes underground, including your personal enemies Russia, China and Vietnam.

My personal enemies? What are you on about now Niels?

Well, you don't seem to trust them, so you'd want a penetrator weapon. Especially since I won't allow you to go nuclear.  ;)

Well there could be people in the US military that might just think that if they had to go to war with China, two of those MOBs, followed by two more in the aircraft behind and a few more plane loads like those following, aimed at where the Three Rivers Dam joins the unstable earthworks at the sides might just bring down the lot and with in a thousand foot high wall of water.
Who needs nuclear weapons?

shawn a:
I heard china has stated that they would use nukes only in response to a nuclear attack upon china, but taking out the 3 Gorges dam seems like it could provoke a radioactive response.
I'm not religious, in fact I don't like religion, but for want of a better word, I "pray" for world peace--But with most countries on earth-even the poorest ones--arming themselves to the teeth, I feel it just aint gonna happen.
Deeper and deeper tunnels may prevent the actual destruction of a facility, but tunnels must have an entrance which when destroyed would effectively entomb the facility.
If a bothersome beehive contained only one 40lb. bee, you could destroy the hive with a sledgehammer. Try that with a hive containing 5,000  1/2 gram bees!! Sometimes it's best to disperse things you wish to protect and hide them in plain sight. Bin Laden probably drives a cab in Washington D.C.


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