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Two Gripens not used during the biggest robbery in Swedish history


On 2009-09-24 the biggest robbery in Swedish history went down.

The robbers first sabotaged the Swedish police departments helicopters by placing fake bombs next to them. These were standing unattended and with easy access. Then they used their own chopper a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, to land on the roof of this security deposit were the robbers got away with estimated 1 billion Swedish kronor (approx 100 000 000 Euros). This took them 20 minutes, while a police patrol was hiding behind their car and watching everything unfold.

Today we got informed that two Gripens were on exersice and diverted to the area, but withdrawn  because using them to recce or make the escape harder for the robbers is against the law!

What kind of fu**** up country am i living in???  >:(


That's funny.

At least the robbers thought everything through, disabling the police helo's and all haha.

Did they catch them yet?

No, because they have disappeared. After they dumped the helo on an uninhabited island they continued their journey in speedboats to who knows were.

I can only shake my head in disbelief because of the Swedish police´s big incompetence. By not using armed Gripens that could of made it harder for the robbers to get away with out a trace, or just plainly shoot the helo down over water is just retarded.

* The money is insured no matter what.
* The Gripens were there already.
* The criminals were heavily armed, (using military weapons).
* The robbers are according to the police not Swedish but from the Balkans.  Isn't that terrorism?

Leys play it out my way... ;D
- Gripen one, do you have the target confirmed?
   - Gripen one has the target!

- Gripen one, you are cleared to open fire.
   - Gripen one acknowledge. Im cleared to engage the target.

30 seconds later.....

- Gripen one. Target is destroyed!
  - Gripen two, confirming that target is destroyed.
- Gripen flight. Good job! return to base.

Besides it would of been nice PR for the Gripen.  :)


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